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14 August 2022

Circle Play - Visible Image


Hello friends! Today I have a fun and colourful card using some fabulous products from Visible Image.  For my project today I wanted to create a card using  only background stamps, aside from my sentiment.  Visible Image has so many amazing background stamps that just go together perfectly, that this came together so easily.  

On a piece of watercolour paper cut to 4.25"x5.5" I started by stamping several of the images from the Grunge Tones Stamp Set several times to create a border along the edge.  I made sure to use a waterproof ink, as I would be adding water to it later.

Next I layered a few more using the Round in Circles Stamp Set and Shape It Up.  I didn't realize it at the time, but besides the lines from Shape It Up, I was leaning heavily towards circles for my background...so I guess my theme is circles for this lol.

For the colour I went with a bright rainbow palette of pigment powders. I added the Ripples Stencil over the stamped part of the cardstock and sprinkled the powders in rainbow order.  I tried not to add too much powder, as a little goes along way with them. 

I sprayed it with water and let it sit for a minute or 2 before wiping away any excess water and colour from the stencil, then removed the stencil and allowed it to dry.  Since this is a powder it can get everywhere without realizing it if you don't protect your work surface, as you can see some did get on the right side of my paper. Once it was dry I sprayed the left side of my piece to reactivate the powders and make the colours bleed, as I wanted to try and achieve that dripping look to it. I tried not to add too much water because I still wanted to try and keep some of the circles.

To finish it I trimmed 1/4" on all sides and added the sentiment on the bottom right side of the paper (although you can't see it here) using the Imagine Dream Inspire Stamp Set.  And because I can't leave well enough alone and I decided it needed more, I added some of Distress Foundry Wax in Gilded (I love this stuff and I only just got it lol).

It was then mounted to an A2 side folding card, but turned sideways so the fold is on the top.  And that's it.  It was quick and easy to create this using only background images and so fun too!  Now it's your turn...pull out all of those background layering images and just have fun!  You'll be amazed at how easily it'll all come together!

Thank you so very much for stopping by today and spending a bit of crafty time with me.  I hope that you leave inspired and ready to sit down and create some magic!  I wish you all the most wonderful and crafty day!  Until next time,


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  1. Beautiful, bright colors anyone would cheer up seeing them.


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